Sunday, October 2, 2016

Denim on Denim with a side of Brunch

To celebrate a dear friend's birthday, he asked for one thing: to wear all things denim.

Now, that may make you think of Justin and Britney circa 2001 AMAs, but trust me, Miles knows what he's talking about. He is the most fashionable man I know, so obviously I had to show out for him.

So working through some options, I wanted to make sure I still had some personality, and that everything still went together. So I went on a shopping adventure to Torrid (really because I needed new booties to fully embrace fall). 

Black denim is something that I haven't had in my closet in awhile, so I figured it would be a good investment to find a good pair. So I went to Torrid and found this nice pair of black jeggings. I won't go on a jegging rant, but just know, yes they are still pants because I have to button and zip so get out of my face all you nay sayers. 

Then I found this PERFECT shirt. I think I'm a fan of graphic t's with some real truth put out there, especially when layers with a sweater or a chambray shit. The word on the shirt are just how I live my life on a regular basis. Sometimes you just can't fix your face. 

When choosing jewelry for this outfit, I wanted to make sure it was subtle (which seems like the opposite of a statement, but work with me here) yet pronounced. With the shirt having words that I wanted to be read, a long necklace was out of the picture. Drawing too much attention ins't always a good thing, so I went with a simple bar necklace and this matching earring and ring set. 

It's the subtleness that can really make a full outfit, especially when words are the focus of the outfit. Adding many small accessories can make a statement in itself. 

 Black Jeans: Torrid
Graphic Shirt: Torrid
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Crown Vintage from DSW
Necklace: Coordinate Bar Necklace
Earring and Necklace Set: Torrid
Monogrammed Clutch: Marley Lilly
Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories 
*bonus Lipstick: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Blackberry Sorbet

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!


I am falls biggest fan. It's the best season. The weather is cool and comfortable, the colors are vibrant and playful, and my hair wears better. Honestly. Humidity makes my curls turn into a ball of frizz, and I'm so blessed when it goes away.

Basically fall allows for me to use the most out of my closet. There are so many vests, sweaters, and ponchos just waiting to be used. I am so ready for it.

So to commemorate the last day of summer, I wore this little transition outfit, because once it's fall, I embrace it 100%

I loved this skirt from Gwynnie Bee and Chic City, and I also was sent a dress in the same pattern within my GB box. I didn't have an occasion for the dress, but was happy to have the opportunity to show the pattern with this school.

And of course, as you all know my pretty well...POCKETS.

So I threw the maroon shirt on to not being as cliche as I usually am with my white shirt on top, some strappy wedges and a nice pop of color with my Kendra Scott earrings and Torrid bracelet. 

This skirt allowed for so many different combinations of statement pieces, but I settled on the teal earrings and bracelets to add another color to the outfit. I think it worked well. 

Shirt: Old Navy Boyfriend Shirt
Skirt: City Chic from Gwynnie Bee
Shoes: Steve Madden from DSW
Bracelet: Torrid accessories
Earrings: Kendra Scott

Enjoy the beginning of fall!


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wedding Season

Summer Weddings are perfect for me. It gives me a nice break from the summer work, and I have more flexibility with time-off. This summer, I felt like I was going to a wedding every weekend...but really only two...and one more at the beginning of September so it sort of balances out. I have a friend who has gone to 8 weddings this summer. EIGHT. At that point I would start saying no unless I was IN the wedding.

But I had some lovely friends get married, so I need to share the fantastic outfits that I planned around the events. Things about summer weddings: THEY ARE HOT. Things to plan for: 
1. Sweat 
2. More sweat
3. Sweaty dancing
4. Hot single groomsmen

So of the things to plan for I need to look hot without looking hot, you catch what I'm saying? So colors and patterns that don't show sweat are perfect. Now you've seen this dress before, but pair it with some Lavendar Kendra's and you've got a great wedding outfit.


But can you believe how beautiful this bride is?!? Like literally flawless. 
*Not pictured: our beers we made people hold so they would not judge us in this picture

And the groom isn't so bad looking himself. You might recognize these lovely newlyweds as the people who showed me around Europe. Yeah. They are the best. And their wedding? I mean, I don't know if another wedding could ever top that one. It was amazing and got to celebrate with old friends and new. It was fun to be Anicka again to such wonderful people. 

And I caught the bouquet so....who's trying to wife me now?

But alas, it wasn't the only wedding of the summer! Another one I went to back in my hometown was a beautiful reunion of myself and some really great people. I was planning on wearing the same dress above, but the weddings were way to close to each other. I brought some options, but I wasn't really feeling anything.

Luckily, my mother took me surprise shopping that morning and I found this dress on sale! It was a perfect fit, and I got the most amount of compliments.

AND I was lucky enough to have two dates to the same wedding--Best Man and the did I get so lucky?

Again, another comfortable colorful dress that allowed for a good night of dancing, drinks, and deleted snapchat stories.

I love summer weddings, but they definitely get hot. Celebrating the love of some great friends is honestly one of my favorite things (even as a bitter single woman). I also love the opportunity to own the dance floor and work a room, what better place than a wedding?

Cheers to Love!

Dress 1:
Dress: Adrianna Papell Pink Floral Navy Dress - Purchased from Gwynnie Bee
Earrings: Kendra Scott - Carla Earrings in Amethyst

Dress 2:
Dress: Talbots
Earrings: From my mother!
Shoes: Torrid Sandals

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Swim Season

Listen, swim season for big girls can be one of the most terrifying things in the world. You have mixed messages all over the media and even in the curvy community. Do you wear a one piece? Tankini? At what size should a bikini not be worn? Who dictates that? 

It's a lot. I used to be a believer that I would never wear a two piece that showed any part of my stomach or back. I'm not sure at what point I decided to say screw it, but I know that this suit has been sitting in my drawers for over a year.

A YEAR. It took a year for me to gain the courage to wear this. It's a super cute suit, and it fits, but I still had to Snapchat my best friend for approval about 3 times.

But it was 4th of July weekend. I'd be surrounded by friends. And after all, isn't confidence key? Well the inner turmoil was quickly dispersed by a few flabongos...and I just lived my life.

I had fun. and I went back two days later in another two piece that showed my stomach. My stretch marks. My gall bladder scar, and I still had fun. I didn't care what others thought, so I will continue to wear these suits because life is too short to try and hide your flaws. Embrace them. 

U-S-A for the win.

Floral Swimsuit: Forever 21+
Black and White Cheetah Print Suit: Target
Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories
Donut Floatie: Target

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Twirling in Tulle

"...I twirl on my haters" -Beyoncé

Channeling my Sasha Fierce in this outfit and I am feeling so confident.

This tulle skirt is another rented item from Gwynnie Bee, and while it's a little big, I am pretty obsessed with it. I think everyone needs a tulle skirt. It's like an adult tutu and I am here for it. 

I see no difference. (yes, that is little me on the left)

I spent the whole day twirling and posing as if I was a model, but thats how the skirt made me feel! I'm very tempted to keep this rented item, but maybe a size smaller on the skirt to have some more structure around the waist.

Skirt: Kiyonna Twirling Skirt in Peach (from Gwynnie Bee)
Shirt: Tunic from Old Navy (one of my favorite shirts, I wear it all the time)
Shoes: Payless Wedges (that I always wear but I will wear them until they break in half)
Necklace: I can't even remember where I got it, but it's been at least 4 years since I've worn it. Glad it worked for this outfit!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Budapest + Prague

Here is the much awaited post about my travels to Europe.

I wish I could adequately describe the amount of fun and how much I learned on this trip, but it's difficult. I wish I could blame how long it took me to write this on the fact that I was living in denial that I was no longer there, but I just didn't know how to cover everything.

I saw so many things and went to so many places, that honestly at this point I've forgotten some of the names, but I will share some of the great things that happened while I was overseas! 

The coffee and pastries in Budapest were amazing! The first picture there was from this famous cafe with the most beautiful aesthetic. On this trip I became an espresso machiatto and tea person, which is a complete 180 from my milk heavy coffee and only drinking tea when I was sick. 

The picture to the right above there is from this castle that was originally created for a festival. Yeah. They built that for a festival and just decided to keep it up. It was very interesting to walk around and see these castles that I've only dreamed of or seen at Disney, and they were all right in front of me. 

Also, public transportation is everything. It was so east to get to so many places, even while in a different language. Honestly my first real experience with subways and metros and I was all about it. 

We did have some educational cultural experiences while visiting Budapest. The Terror House above was one of the most interesting. The museum showed the effects of the Nazis and the Communists on Budapest, with many moving and sad stories. This is also where I learned that floor 1 does not mean first floor, so we kind of jumped around the museum and didn't go in order. 

Parliament Building

The Buda Castle was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. After Kath made me walk uphill for longer than I ever care to again in my life, I ended up at this amazing place. Though I was mad at her (because there was a bus we could have taken to the top), it was honestly a really cool experience along with the work out. Sitting up there with a cup of hot wine while people watching will be one of my favorite memories there!

"Shoes" - Commemorating those who were told to stand along here to be killed and pushed over the edge. 

Another on of my favorite spots was Heroes Square. Budapest was very foggy the whole time we were there, but that made this space seem even cooler. Everywhere else it was kind of a bother because you couldn't see across the river to the Buda side of Budapest. 

I will definitely be going back to Budapest at some point. I stayed at a hostel and didn't get murdered or taken like my mother thought I would. I tried a bunch of new food. And we made some new friends while at a ruin bar! Jet lag had nothing on us.

And we're off to Prague...

Real big shout out to these two wonderful people for without them, this trip wouldn't have happened. I probably wouldn't even know where Prague was. Kidding. Kinda. But really, Kath and Vojta showed me the most amazing things in Prague and let me be touristy. 

Basically everything in Europe is beautiful. There wasn't a single time when I was walking around that I was not amazed by the architecture and the design. I got to learn some new things about this city and myself. 
 Beer is cheaper than water. Yeah, you have to pay for water, so why not keep drinking beer. This is from my new favorite place that just kept bringing the beer so I was not complaining.

Let me tell you, Czech people take the new year very seriously. People are setting off fireworks in large crowds, the streets and sidewalks are flooded with people, everyone has alcohol in their hand and every is just happy. It was such a surreal moment for me to be surrounded by so many great people and having the time of my life. Hence the photo of me not being able control my smile. 

My first meal in the new year was KFC, and it's true, it's better in Prague. 

Everything is just beautiful. From the castles, to churches, to the outside art. Everything had an interesting story and something new to learn about it. 

I am still afraid of heights, but I climbed all the way up this tour, so I had to get out. I'm glad I did. While I was shaking the whole time, I got to see these amazing views all the way around Prague. Absolutely breathtaking. 

Breweries are pretty cool. We went to the original Pilsner Brewery in Pilzen and it was cool to walk through the process of making a great beer. One of my favorite moments of the tour is when we were able to try some of the ingredients involved (hops, wheat, etc) and a small child from a family stated after trying the hops, "Is there anything good tasting in beer?" This kid will have a nice little wake up call in college. 

This trip is a memory that will last a lifetime. I've now got a travel bug and I want to see all these cool places and learn more. I'm really thankful that I got to do this, because I know that's not possible for everyone, but if you ever get a chance to go to Budapest or Prague, take me with you. I know how to say exactly 6 words in Czech, but I'll show you the great places Vojta and Kath showed me. 

So again, thank you to the wonderful Kath, who along with the help of Rick Steves, showed me the best first trip out of the country I could have ever imagined. Can't wait to see you so soon!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tie Tuesday Feature: At The Beach

This Tuesday I'm excited to feature someone besides myself!

A great friend of mine, Tim, has impeccable style and swag and really knows how to wear an outfit. For months I've been meaning to feature him on his weekly "Tie Tuesday" tradition, and this week he finally sent me a picture to use for my blog.

This guy has a great handle on men's fashion. His motto on fashion is "Don't care about what others will think, care about how you present yourself." Tim wants you to care about your style and presentation as you dress yourself and he has some great tips on how to do so that will be featured on the blog when Tim is a special guest blogger!

Tim is currently living in California where he can wear colors and outfits like this because it's over 70 degrees (people in colder areas, feel free to hate him for it). He still is excited for summertime which inspired his outfit today. The pants, he describes as "sand pants aka khakis" are a great fit and color for a warm day, that also keep it work appropriate. His sky blue shirt and aquamarine tie bring out the beach theme, and despite both being a shade of blue, really round out the outfit. Let's say that Tim really made a statement with his bold colored tie and matching accents. 

Tim's #ootd:
Shirt: J Crew
Pants: Perry Ellis
Tie: Brent Morgan
Watch: Of All Threads
Sunglasses: Clubmasters