Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Day in Lilly

In an effort to make me more accountable to my blog, I've redone the design and have hopefully recruited a friend so you don't ALWAYS get mirror pictures (thanks Chels!). Sometimes that'll be unavoidable, but hang with me, you'll still get wonderful statement piece ideas. 

It might be a faux pas to post about the same necklace in the same week...but this is just too good! I also picked the dress before the necklace. So as stated before, this is the Basket Case necklace from Lilly Pulitzer, and it's great. It even looks great laying on a rock. 

I've also added a close up so you can see the tiny crab in the necklace. 
Isn't it cute?!

The dress was chosen, because 1. Summer, 2. Wednesday and 3. Long (my legs are covered with mosquito bites--the downside of summer). I have a wide selection of Lilly dresses that hopefully you get to see throughout the summer! It's a light material and it allows for breathing in the heat. 

Someone said that my hair could also be a statement, but I don't know if I'm ready to push that yet. I'll tell you how I did it though. I twisted both sides of my hair and pull it to one side. Then I fishtail braided it and put it up towards the base of my hair and secured it with bobby pins. 

Dress and Necklace: Lilly Pulitzer
Sweater: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes

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