Friday, August 28, 2015

Becoming a Bee

No matter who you are, you've had the experience where you realize your mother was right the whole time. They just kind of know things, even when you don't think that they do. My mom was visiting me one week and brought up this clothing renting site called Gwynnie Bee. She did good on this one.

This site is designed for plus size women and has variety of different plans to fit your budget and needs. You create a "closet" of items you would want to try on and then send you those pieces. You receive the garment with a prepaid envelope to send it back. You wear it as often as you want, and when you want to try a new item, you either buy it or send it back! No laundry, no pain, no money, just send it in the envelope and let GB know it's on the way so they can prep your next item. 

I chose the $30 a month plan --so how that works is that I get one piece from my "closet" at a time, and then when I send it back, they ship another. I've had GB for about a month now and I've worked through about 5 items -- so not too bad! 

See below for some of my trial and errors--

So not all of them were terrible. The first one was a little big (that's why I'm trying them on, I supposed) but the long sleeves were too much for the middle of summer, so I sent it back the next day. I was very excited about the skirt, because I planned on styling it like the picture, but when I got it, all the gold was gone. I think maybe in the right sun it would have shimmered a little bit, but nothing even close to the picture. So again, I sent it right back. The final one you see I got after the dress featured in this post and it was pretty great, just too thin of material. I was feeling pretty discouraged when I got the best thing in the world. The Lace Yoke Belted Dress (see below). 

I got notification this dress was coming, and I was so excited because I knew it would arrive before my trip home. I had been on the search for a dress for a fancy party I was going to with my family, but couldn't find one that I was in love with and was secretly hoping Gwynnie Bee would come through. AND THEY DID.

Obsessed is an understatement when it came to this dress. It was perfect. Great length, amazing color, and POCKETS. (You all know how I feel about pockets!) Needless to say it was the perfect outfit for a really fun night with my family in Chicago. I would go into more details about the night, but it's a little blurry!

Overall I have to say, that Gwynnie Bee was a great decision (thanks mom). I have had numerous successes and have purchased 3 different items (at a discount price!). I've receives so many compliments and it definitely keeps my wardrobe fresh. 

So this is where I tell you that if you want to try Gwynnie Bee, please use this code. You'll get a free month and I'll get a perk as well! If you want more information, comment below! :)

Dress: Taylor Dress Lace Yoke Belted Dress From Gwynnie Bee
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Francesca's (I'm wearing the ones from this post)
Purse: Lilly Pulitzer

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