Saturday, August 29, 2015

One Direction is the Only Direction

So if you don't already know this, I'm really in to One Direction, and two of my besties surprised me around Christmas to take me to their Indianapolis Concert in July. You must have reached this point and said, "Ann, what does this have to do with statements?".

Well I'm getting to that.

I can't go anywhere without completely planning out my style. So I had two options as a 20-something heading to a concert where I would be the oldest non-parent there. Option 1: Dress cute in the hopes that people don't think you're there for the concert until you're in the arena (or the change you could run into any or all the members at a bar after). Option 2: Buy cute band shirts and show off being a fan. No reservations, no hiding, just showing off your love for the guys.

So my friends, not yet being on the level of fangirl as I was, didn't know I was purchasing some great shirts to go along with our concert. I went to Red Bubble and found these shirts. A "Hipsta Please" shirt representing the shirt Harry wore many years ago. The "Payne" shirt, because Liam, duh. Then we have my shirt the "Tomlinson" in the style of the TOMS shirts. So we might be wearing band shirts, but we styled them so while we were clearly trying, we still looked good. 

(Aren't they beautiful?)

My #ootd:
Skirt and Belt - Torrid
Sandals - Rack Room Shoes
Shirt - Red Bubble 

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