Friday, September 18, 2015

Fit and Flare

We have another awesome dress that came in from Gwynnie Bee this week! 

The Jacquard Fit and Flare Dress with Black Insets was a great dress that received many compliments throughout the day. Though I ended up sending it back, it was an almost purchase from my GB closet. The material was very comfortable, the pattern was pretty unique, and it was mostly a good fit. I would probably go a size down if i decided I needed this dress later. Also, this didn't come with the belt, so I recommend a belt. I was told a thick belt would look weird, so I'm glad I went with the thin belt! 

With the pattern of this dress, it was hard to find a necklace that went along well with the material, pattern, and cut of the top of the dress. I have these great hook earrings that have pears on either end with the front stem being longer. You can see the aesthetics in the picture below. 

So I decided on no necklace, but I have also been experimenting with rings so I added one to the middle finger on my left hand to add a touch of something other than the earrings. I think if I were to wear a necklace, I would wear it with long pearls or a solid black necklace. 

Dress: Gwynnie Bee (Remember, if you want to try GB please use this code.) 
Belt and Ring: Torrid 
Earrings: Francesca's 
Shoes: Payless Flats

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