Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Game Day: Crimson and Cream

Game day fashion at any football school is very serious. And while I tend to avoid looking like an undergrad (ie. cowboy boots, backless dresses and aviators), I still want to be cute while showing some school spirit. This particular game was an early start, but the weather was cooperating enough so I could wear pants. I was actually a bit chilly until halfway through the game when the sun decided to burn me. Literally. 

I didn't always think I looked good in red. At my undergrad, one of our rival schools had red as one of their colors, so I avoided it as much as possible. But after being at OU for just over two years, it's time to embrace the Crimson + Cream. As I was prepping for the game I pulled out the red pants and this white tunic as a good comfy but cute look. I have an OU scarf that I almost wore, but I thought I should probably wait until it gets colder. 

I probably could have worn the scarf and been alright, but that's okay. I went with one of the only red necklaces I have (Note to self: Go get more red statement pieces) and my gold Lilly purse. Overall, good outfit of choice for this game, maybe should have brought a light sweater for the windy morning but the sun did eventually come out strong. My sunburnt chest and arms might not agree with me on the outfit, but I think the "farmers tan" will go away eventually. 

(One of my staff members that kills it as a cheerleader for OU!)

Pants and Shirt: Old Navy
White Flats: Payless
Necklace: Francesca's? (I can't remember where I got it!)
Purse: Lilly Pulitzer

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