Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pink Floral and Navy

Another hit with Gwynnie Bee. Ya'll, I honestly can't get enough of this site. This dress cam in the mail last Monday, and I was so excited, because obviously I still wear pink on Wednesdays. Well, small issue -- for work, I had to wear a t-shirt to promote one of our events. Anyone who knows me, knows there is one thing I hate.


Now, wait, before you're like, "OMG Ann--How do you hate t-shirts? You have so many? You get them from your place of employment all the time for free? HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE T-SHIRTS?"

I don't hate them when I'm lounging on the couch watching a 12 hour SVU marathon or when I'm working out or when I'm asleep. Those are the only time though, that I like to wear t-shirts. I can't help that I just enjoy dressing up...and do you know how hard it is to wear a statement necklace with a t-shirt?!?

It's near impossible.

So I think I got more excited about this dress because I had to wait even longer. Sure, I could have worn it on not a Wednesday, but then what would be the point? When I tried on the dress and sent a picture to my mom, she told me to immediately buy it, and again, mothers are never wrong, so now this dress is another addition to my wonderful closet.

But obviously the best part?


You know my obsession so we'll keep this post rolling, but you had to understand that it takes a lot for me to turn down a well fitting dress with pockets.So I paired this dress with a necklace that has a long gold chain and a singular pearl on it and tan suede wedges. 

Shoes: Payless
Necklace: (Oops, I can't remember!)

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