Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gray and White Poncho

When life brings you a poncho, you bring out one of your necklaces that perfectly matches it!

I want to say that ponchos are always in during this season, but I can't remember wearing them in past years, so we'll say that it's significantly more trendy this year.


So I went on a purchasing frenzy of many different types of ponchos. Cowl neck, scoop neck...well those are the only two kinds, but still. I bought this cream poncho, and almost returned it because I wasn't sure how to wear it. Do I wear all black under it? Is my white shirt going to be too white for the cream color of the poncho? How do I incorporate the gray?

Too much over thinking. What sold me on this outfit was that after trying on multiple things, the poncho was inside out, and the back of the pattern on the front, was the same as the sweater I decided to wear underneath it. That was my sign that they went together. So my grayish/white sweater was going to be the match due a patter you couldn't even see.

I think overall it worked out! I then remembered my chunky tear drop necklace that really tied in all the colors. I thought at first that it might be too big, but honestly, it was the best fit. It allowed for the perfect amount of statement and brought the whole outfit together.


Sweater and Poncho: Old Navy
Pants and Boots: Torrid
Necklace: Catalog Connection (in Greenville, NC)

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