Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wedding Season

Summer Weddings are perfect for me. It gives me a nice break from the summer work, and I have more flexibility with time-off. This summer, I felt like I was going to a wedding every weekend...but really only two...and one more at the beginning of September so it sort of balances out. I have a friend who has gone to 8 weddings this summer. EIGHT. At that point I would start saying no unless I was IN the wedding.

But I had some lovely friends get married, so I need to share the fantastic outfits that I planned around the events. Things about summer weddings: THEY ARE HOT. Things to plan for: 
1. Sweat 
2. More sweat
3. Sweaty dancing
4. Hot single groomsmen

So of the things to plan for I need to look hot without looking hot, you catch what I'm saying? So colors and patterns that don't show sweat are perfect. Now you've seen this dress before, but pair it with some Lavendar Kendra's and you've got a great wedding outfit.


But can you believe how beautiful this bride is?!? Like literally flawless. 
*Not pictured: our beers we made people hold so they would not judge us in this picture

And the groom isn't so bad looking himself. You might recognize these lovely newlyweds as the people who showed me around Europe. Yeah. They are the best. And their wedding? I mean, I don't know if another wedding could ever top that one. It was amazing and got to celebrate with old friends and new. It was fun to be Anicka again to such wonderful people. 

And I caught the bouquet so....who's trying to wife me now?

But alas, it wasn't the only wedding of the summer! Another one I went to back in my hometown was a beautiful reunion of myself and some really great people. I was planning on wearing the same dress above, but the weddings were way to close to each other. I brought some options, but I wasn't really feeling anything.

Luckily, my mother took me surprise shopping that morning and I found this dress on sale! It was a perfect fit, and I got the most amount of compliments.

AND I was lucky enough to have two dates to the same wedding--Best Man and the did I get so lucky?

Again, another comfortable colorful dress that allowed for a good night of dancing, drinks, and deleted snapchat stories.

I love summer weddings, but they definitely get hot. Celebrating the love of some great friends is honestly one of my favorite things (even as a bitter single woman). I also love the opportunity to own the dance floor and work a room, what better place than a wedding?

Cheers to Love!

Dress 1:
Dress: Adrianna Papell Pink Floral Navy Dress - Purchased from Gwynnie Bee
Earrings: Kendra Scott - Carla Earrings in Amethyst

Dress 2:
Dress: Talbots
Earrings: From my mother!
Shoes: Torrid Sandals

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